Forward Thinking. Research-Based Investing

Catalyst Investors employs a proactive, research-based approach to investing. We target sectors that are experiencing above-average growth.   Our research enables us to recognize important market trends early on and identify world-class companies and management teams to capitalize on those trends. This approach produces opportunities to invest at all stages of the growth cycle including:

  • Working with a talented entrepreneur to execute an industry roll-up
  • Providing a company with expansion capital in the form of a minority investment
  • Acquiring a majority stake in a company buyout
  • Recapitalizing a business to give existing investors and lenders liquidity

Returns Driven by Growth, Not Financial Engineering.

Catalyst helps companies grow in both revenue and value. We work in partnership with our management teams to ensure that they have the full array of strategic, tactical and financial tools to excel in fast-moving, competitive industries. We are true growth equity investors--our returns are driven almost wholly by our companies’ growth, not by the use of excessive debt financing.

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