Aloha Partners expands 700 MHz nationwide presence with two acquisitions

*Acquisitions deepen top 40 market penetration and broaden coverage to over
60% of US population*

February 8, 2005, Providence, Rhode Island- Aloha Partners LP, the largest holder of 700 MHz spectrum in the United States, today announced a definitive agreement for Aloha Partners to purchase both Cavalier Group LLC and DataCom Wireless LLC. Cavalier Group and DataCom Wireless are respectively the second and third largest owners of 700 MHz spectrum, following Aloha Partners. These two acquisitions further establish Aloha’s commitment to develop a nationwide 700 MHz network.

The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of this year.

When combined with Cavalier Group and DataCom Wireless, Aloha will now own spectrum in 224 licensed markets that cover 175 million pops. The acquisition also adds to Aloha Partners’ high concentration of urban markets, including 100% of the top 10 markets and 84% of the population in the top 40 markets.

“We are very pleased that Cavalier and DataCom decided to merge with Aloha.
Both companies recognized that 700 MHz was fragmented and needed to consolidate”, said Charles Townsend, CEO of Aloha Partners. “With 60% of the U.S., Aloha has now reached critical mass and is well positioned to drive a consistent use of the spectrum, attract key strategic partners and launch associated services nationwide”, Townsend added.

“Aloha markets were originally concentrated on the West Coast whereas Cavalier focused on areas on the East Coast.”, said Wirt Yerger, founder of Cavalier Group. “We have worked closely with Aloha since 2002 to develop the 700 MHz band spectrum, which we believe is the best spectrum available for advanced wireless services. It was only a matter of time before we combined to create a nationwide network”, Yerger added.

Cavalier Group was founded in 2001 by long-standing wireless executive Wirt Yerger, who is a current board member of the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association). Cavalier’s investors also include other prominent wireless executives.

Thomas Sullivan, president and founder of DataCom Wireless added “we recognized early on that DataCom could not be a standalone operation, and needed to be part of a larger company. We believe that Aloha has the talent, expertise and resources to advance our goals and further develop 700 MHz.”

Before founding DatCom, Mr. Sullivan served in various capacities within the wireless and cable television industries, and more recently co-founded Telecorp PCS Inc, which was sold to AT&T in 2002.

About Aloha Partners
Aloha Partners is a privately held company based in Providence, Rhode Island. It is the largest owner of licensed 700 MHz spectrum in the United States and plans to provide wireless services to customers in its markets, which cover 60% of the total US.

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